City of Hinesville Tug Of War

Tug of War 2017 FINAL poster
On Saturday, Nov. 18, the City of Hinesville will host their first-ever Tug of War Competition charity event at Bryant Commons, located at 438 W. Oglethorpe Hwy. in Hinesville.

Participants will compete in teams of five, which can consist of all male, all female or co-ed players who will all compete against each other. Participants under the age of 18 must be escorted by a parent or guardian and all players must sign a liability waiver. Trophies will be awarded to the top three teams.

To receive a discounted rate of $100 per team, team captains can register their team online team at Online registration closes on Nov. 16. Teams can be registered the day of the event for $150 per team.

100 percent of the proceeds from the Tug Of War Competition will be contributed to the Mayors’ Motorcade Fund, which benefits Georgia Regional Hospital.

Registration Information

To register for a discounted rate of $100 per team, go to Online registration closes on Nov. 16. The cost to register the day of the event is $150.


1. There will be nine heats; the number of tuggers per hear will have been agreed to by each side before the event, and will in all cases be equal for each heat.

2. All tuggers must have signed a “Damage and Injury Waiver” prior to their stepping into the pulling box. No tugger may participate if a waiver is not signed.

3. All tuggers must show proof of being at least 18 year of age.

4. Tuggers may not wear gloves for any event.

5. The only rosin allowed with the rope will be Baby Powder.

6. For safety, all tuggers are encouraged to wear knee and/or elbow pads, helmets or padded clothing as desired.

7. No tugger may use any mechanical device, any animal, or any plant to augment his ability to apply pressure to the rope.

8. Tuggers may wear shoes of their choice except for spiked (or golf) shoes. Fuzzy “bunny” slippers are not recommended.

9. No knots of any kind may be tied in the official Tug-O-War rope.

10. Only tape may be used to mark the rope for each team’s individual needs. The tape must be removed after that particular heat is finished. Tape may be used to indicate unofficial results only.

11. Each heat will have a maximum time limit of 5 minutes. If neither side scores a win within that time period, that heat will be declared an official tie and all tuggers transported immediately to the hospital.

12. No tugger may have the advantage of any sort of foot brace attached to the ground.

13. No part of the tugger’s body except the feet may touch the ground.

14. The rope must pass between the tugger’s body and upper arm only.

15. No tugger may wrap the rope around the hand, arm, or any body parts, especially the neck.

16. The last tugger in line, the “anchor” is to pass the rope between his or her body and upper arm, then pass the rope back over the opposite shoulder, from which it must pass the ground away from the “anchor’s” body.

17. The judges must disqualify obviously intoxicated tuggers or event officials.

18. Each side will be taped and chalked to mark a rectangular area measuring 10’ to either side of the rope’s axis (20’ wide total) and 60’ long. This rectangle should begin 20’ back from the forward-most-edge of the pavement at the water’s edge. The rectangle should be bisected, such that there is a marked line 30’ back of the forward edge of the rectangle, 50’ back from the water’s edge. At the beginning of the heat, the forward-most tugger’s feet must be positioned behind this line.

19. During the actual duration of each heat (from 30 seconds prior to the start until the victory signal) only tuggers, judges and flare-men may be within the marked rectangle. Others may root for their team from outside the box.

20. CRITICAL: Upon the victory signal, it is imperative that each side slowly ease tension on the rope to prevent one side’s sudden release from toppling the tuggers of the opposing team.

About The Mayor's Motorcade

The Georgia Municipal Association began the Mayor's Motorcade in 1959 at the request of then-Govenor, Ernest Vandiver, as a way of providing holiday gifts for patients of Georgia's mental health hospitals. The program is also aimed at raising the awareness of the needs of Georgia's mental hospitals.

There are currently five regional mental health hospitals in the state, serving some 3,200 Georgians. Many of these clients have lived in the hospital facility for much of their lives and receive little, if any, support from their families. Without the Mayor's Motorcade, the staff at these hospitals have told us that many of their patients would not receive a gift for the holidays.

Hinesville's contribution to the Mayor's Motorcade specifically benefits patients at Georgia Regional Hospital. Last year, the City of Hinesville was able to contribute more than $3,000 to this cause.

Contact Us

For more information, contact Brittany Denney, the City of Hinesville's Public Relations Manager at or call 912.876.3564.